What is Exploring Teens?

Exploring Teens is your must-have resource for raising adolescents!​

Developed initially as a parenting magazine to fill the void that existed for parents of teenagers in the Australian magazine market, the Exploring Teens magazine was a unique concept that catered specifically to this demograph.

The parents of teenagers were an overlooked segment of society.  Amidst the challenges they face, there were limited opportunities for normalising their experiences resulting in feelings of isolation, loneliness and failure.  Many parents have returned to work by this age and so school gate loitering no longer happens.​ Exploring Teens sought to remedy this.

Sadly though in 2017, publication of the magazine ceased.  Unable to secure sufficient financial support, the options were limited.

​However, after the demise of the magazine, it was still clear that helping parents of teens find suitable resources was still both wanted and needed. In fact, it seems that what the market was missing was:

a centralised resource that would assist parents find the help they need,

to help their teens

(in whatever way necessary, be it socially, physically, mentally or academically)

It's very easy when our children are young to find all manner of activities, events or support, but finding this for our teenagers is much harder.  And yet, this seems to be when it is most needed!


A word from our founder

Mathea Viles

Welcome to Australia's only online directory to help parents of teens, help their teens.

I'm the founder of Exploring Teens (and for those who are curious as to the pronunciation of my name it is pronounced in the same way as Maria, but with a 't' in the middle instead of an 'r')

If you have already connected with me via the magazine, Facebook page or one of the Exploring Teens events held in 2016, you'd know how much I love community and connection. In fact, it becomes really obvious if you contact me, I don't know how to send a short email or message (although I'm working really hard at brevity!)

I’m the mother to three fabulous males, 2 young adult men and a tween, and have spent most of my career as an accountant. While this has been rewarding, I always felt there was something more I had to offer.

I'm constantly full of ideas and have unbridled levels of enthusiasm.  I commit wholeheartedly and passionately where I see a need. In fact, I have made no secret that a large motivator for Exploring Teens was my search for as much help and support as I could find. I'm not above saying that I personally find this parenting gig downright difficult at times. Parenting teens in particular, is not a task for the light hearted! ​

Exploring Teens has and will continue to provide both a connection amongst parents as well as one to resources that can assist us.  By providing support, advice and resources, we help parents navigate this challenging and rewarding stage.​

Although the Exploring Teens magazine was unable to find the wings it needed to take off in a sustainable way, the Exploring Teens Online Directory is less shackled and is flourishing.  It was indeed humbling to hear how Exploring Teens had impacted parents across Australia, via the magazine and Facebook page, but replacing the magazine with the online directory and maintaining the Facbook page and closed group allows us to reach further and in more ways. 

Exploring Teens resurrects a sense of community lost to the parents of teens, it is making a difference in their lives. In fulfilling our belief statement, that is, sharing, caring and preparing, I am adamant that helping our teens, starts with helping their parents.

I am excited to take this journey with you in...Exploring Teens!