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How to pick HSC subjects

31 May, 2018

How to pick HSC subjects By Sally Payne, Associate Dean of Studies, UTS Insearch   “What subjects should I take for my HSC?” is a question I of... (more)

I don’t know about you…but I’m excited!

18 February, 2018

I don’t know about you……but I’m excited   ... (more)

How to Deal with an ATAR Surprise

06 December, 2017

How to Deal with an ATAR Surprise By Helen Green When I received my VCE results, the postman who I thought held my ‘fate’ at the time, decided to ride pas... (more)

Taking a different path

15 November, 2017

What to do when high school is not working for your teen. by Gillian Handley   Teens are under a lot of pressure to stay at school until the end of Year 12, but... (more)

The Leap to High School

15 November, 2017

by Jenny Atkinson   For many children, leaving the familiarity of primary school and heading into the unknown world of high school can be like a rollercoaster ride — ... (more)