Reminder - Your Sixth Month Check-Up Is Now Due

May 04, 2018

Reminder - Your Sixth Month Check-Up Is Now Due

By Kim Hansen


While having coffee this morning with the publisher of a parenting magazine, talk turned to therapy and how there are those who see therapy as somewhat akin to witchcraft, and those who see it as part of their overall health management routine. I like to think, that we are moving away from the stigma of the therapy session, and seeing it more as a very acceptable and even desirable process, for the prevention of mental illness and the maintenance of good mental health and wellbeing.


You visit your G.P for vaccinations against disease and a cure for what ails you, and this is a very good thing. You see your dentist to maintain and promote good oral hygiene and to prevent tooth decay, which can lead to expensive and invasive treatment. You see the chiropractor or physiotherapist for relief from pain and strain, and when you do, you are being proactive and taking good care of yourself. But what do you do, if your mental health is showing signs of wear and tear?



Have you ever thought that your car gets serviced more often than you do? Your car's log book requires service at certain intervals to maintain warranty. O.K., so we don't come with a warranty or a log book, for that matter, but what if you received a reminder in the mail to make an appointment with your counsellor for your 6 month check up? How would you perceive this? Would you think, "Hey it’s time for my mental health check up. Must call for an appointment today!" How would you like your therapist to check in with you every six months, just to make sure you are travelling well? Would you welcome a little reminder, that your wellbeing service was due?


I look forward to the day, when being proactive about mental health and wellbeing, is as simple as going for a check up with the dentist. How fantastic will it be, when we switch from only seeking the services of a mental health professional when we are in crisis, to seeing one as a preventative strategy.


If I opened your diary or planner right now and looked under Important Numbers, would I find the number of a mental health professional? Under Reminders/Renewals for Medical & Dental Check-ups, would I also find the entry for your mental health check -up? Perhaps not, but it isn't as strange as it first sounds. Mental illness is on a swift trajectory and sadly treatment is often well and truly overdue, by the time a client seeks treatment. This can translate into a poor prognosis, protracted treatment or a more complex treatment regime.


Of course, we know that prevention is better than cure.


So, what are you waiting for? Book in for your service today!


Kim Hansen is a child, adolescent and young adult specialist and has over 30 years experience. Beginning her career as a teacher and later specializing in the area of learning difficulties, Kim then successfully combined her knowledge of child and adolescent development, learning and behaviour with Counselling, Neuropsychotherapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Special Education, to support good mental health. She can be found at MindKeys - Counselling & Clinical Hypnotherapy


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