Top 10 posts on the Exploring Teens Facebook page for 2019

November 30, 2019

Are you keen to know the topics that kept the Australian parents of teens most interested? As we wrap up 2019, we have pulled together a summary of the highest reaching posts on the Exploring Teens Facebook page that will reveal exactly what they were:

  1. What Yumi Stynes learnt when she planned her teenager's party

    "I've done some pretty interesting things in my life, but the one everyone wants to talk about is not what you'd expect. Not, for instance, hiking Tasmania's Overland Track with my two teenage daughters. Not being part of a Logie-winning TV show. Not travelling through Japan with my Japanese mother. Nope. None of these. Everyone really wants to know all the details about the party I recently hosted for a bunch of 17-year-olds at my home. (Seriously, everyone.)"[click here to read more]

  2. Meme

    What better way to explain social media than by this image…… [click here to read more]


  3. After 17 years as a mum here's what I've learned

    "My eldest boy turned 17 the other day, which is crazy because it feels like only yesterday that I began blogging when he was five. Oh my word, what a journey we've had, what a rollercoaster ride. With one short year of schooling left, my 6-foot-tall manchild is almost ready to take on the world. I'm caught between shock and awe - shock at how fast it's all gone and awe that we have made it this far." [click here to read more]



  4. Five Ways to Help Teens Build a Sense of Self-Worth

    Teens are experiencing increased levels of anxiety and perfectionism. Encouraging them to develop their strengths and see beyond themselves can help boost their self-esteem. [click here to read more]


  5. Doctor Explains Why He Checks Dead Patient's Facebook Before Notifying Their Parents

    "Losing a loved one is easily the worst moments you'll face in your life. But it can also affect the doctors who have to break it to a patient's friends and family. Louis M. Profeta MD, an Emergency Physician at St. Vincent Emergency Physicians in Indianapolis, Indiana, recently took to LinkedIn to share the reason he looks at a patient's Facebook page before telling their parents they've passed." [click here to read more]



  6. The 10 Best Books to Buy for Teen Boys in 2019

    "Getting teen boys interested in books can be a challenge for parents. Fortunately, many young adult authors are now writing teen books that rank high in guy appeal. Here is a list of some of the most popular young adult books for teen boys. For popular books for teen boys, read on." [click here to read more]



  7. How to Write a Band 6 Discursive Writing Piece for HSC English Module C

    "One of the biggest changes in the new HSC English syllabus is the introduction of a new writing-focused module, aptly named ‘The Craft of Writing.’ Common to both Advanced and Standard English, this module assesses a student’s ability to craft effective pieces of writing in relation to a given audience and purpose. Unlike the other modules, the focus here is not as much on what you’ve written but more so a combination of what you’ve written and how you’ve written it." [click here to read more]


  8. This Mom's Cartoons About Raising Teens Are So Spot-On

    "As her Instagram bio states, Annie Kurzweg is a “depicter of everyday household complaints and lunacies.” In other words, she documents what it’s like to raise three teens through her hilarious cartoons." [click here to read more]



  9. How to Help Teenagers Keep Track of Their Stuff

    "After a meeting at my twins’ high school, I encountered a mountain of water bottles, sweatshirts, jackets, lunch totes and more in that lost and found pile. Every year, families outfit kids with new back-to-school clothes and gear. How can we help make sure our kids bring it all back from school?" [click here to read more]


  10. I moved my son to a tech-free school. It's the best decision I ever made

    "When Lisa's son was asked to bring a MacBook Air to his previous school she noticed a decline in his learning and behaviour. Now, in a largely tech-free school, she says her son is learning invaluable skills and argues that limiting tech is "not disadvantaging our kids."" [click here to read more]



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  And if it all gets too much, feel free to join our closed Facebook group for parents/carers of teens.  We are a peer support group, that practices empathy before judgement. [click here to join]  

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