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Do you have a year 6 student getting ready to go to secondary school in 2020? If so, then grab 10% off these eBooks written specifically for this journey. They provide tools, tips and strategies to assist with a successful transition for all.
$ 24.95
$ 22. 46
Kickstart HSC Seminars for students in Year 12 in 2020. These subject-specific classrooms give teens insight and understanding for how to reach their potential in the HSC assessments. 10% off for Exploring Teens audience with code **explore10**
$ 25.00
$ 22. 50
Offered by Host a Murder
Offered by Host a Murder
Help your school with a great fundraiser by saving 50% off the per head cost of a Host a Murder party. An easy way to generate excited interest and achieve a great fundraising result.
$ 40.00
$ 20. 00
Offered by Host a Murder
Offered by Host a Murder
Looking for a great way for your teen to celebrate the 'end of school'? Or wanting something different for your teens birthday party? Host-a-Murder party hosts play FREE. A great opportunity to draw on the natural creativity and imagination of teens
$ 40.00
Life Coaching for teens provides help, guidance & a safe space for them to discover their strengths & unique gifts, identifies where & how they fit in their world & creates more self-motivated, self-determined & self-confident young adults.
$ 1,144.00
$ 924. 00