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Do you want your child to love public speaking? Do you want to increase their leadership skills? Academy of Speakers is running Holiday workshops for Grades 3-6 to build leadership skills through the art of public speaking!

The Academy of Speakers was established with the intention of building the next generation of leaders. Having trained thousands of corporate executives in areas of increasing confidence, enhancing resilience and captivating audiences, the founders of Academy of Speakers found that many had not learnt these skills through their education.

It was also found that many students did not have these skills and learning these skills at an early age would have benefited them not just academically but also socially. The Academy of Speakers teaches public speaking but more importantly, helps students build resilience, gain confidence and enhance influencing skills.

Classes include:

Courage through Public Speaking (Years 3-4)

Resilience through Public Speaking (Years 5-6)

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Additional Features/Information Why should your child attend our course? 74% of people suffer from speech anxiety. It is extremely important to teach public speaking from a young age so they gain experience. Public speaking is one of the most valuable skill sets that employers also look for in employees. With it being the number one fear among adults, these programs will give your child an advantage academically and socially. There is no better time than now to set a strong foundation of resilience, confidence and influence through public speaking.
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23 Merrivale Road, New South Wales 2073, Australia