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Are you concerned about Gate Crashers to your teen's party? Every year, do you constantly search for a unique party for your teenager that’s different from the rest? Well, you can stop searching – you’ve found it! We all love playing games – and our Host-a-Murder mystery party are a great way to keep a group of teenagers entertained for approximately 2.5 hrs. There are two games designed specifically for the teenage market (13 – 18yr olds); Star Trek’s “The mystery of the missing Orb of Knowledge” and “BBQ with the Vampires”. Get your teenager off computer games and get them to interact and communicate with one another in a human way! Host-a-Murder for young people can encourage creativity, increase confidence, improve concentration, bring out their sense of humour and is a great way to have fun and dress up with friends. And will provide them with a unique form of entertainment that will impress their friends. Don’t you try and convince them, show them our video! And they will want to Host a Murder Mystery Party. Your teen's party will be totally supervised by staff and teenage guests will only be invited by personal invitation.

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