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Does any of this sound familiar? So you have a son or daughter who is a student and sometimes you’re not sure they’re on top of things, and not sure how to help? They: - seem unsure of what homework needs to be completed and when it is due - are struggling with getting the marks they are capable of in tests or exams - seem overwhelmed and not sure where to start? - struggle with time and the management of a student planner/diary - work late until the night before in order to complete a task - sometimes or regularly miss project deadlines - do't appear to understand the difference between homework and study/revision - are irritable, snappy and stressed or quiet and withdrawn - have a cluttered and disorganised desk or bedroom - have a school bag or locker full of ‘stuff’, the contents of which is largely unknown to them or anyone else. There is a solution! We work individually with students to develop a personal organisational approach that will work for them and help them take responsibility for their school work, activities and time. In my role as an academic life coach I ask students questions to assess what they do and don't know rather than jumping right in and solving the "problem". Often they know more than they realise and its about building up their tool box with the right tips and strategies to suit them. Organising Students also conducts workshops for both students and parents either in or outside of the school environment.

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Additional Features/Information If you & your child are ready to take the next step in getting more organised and maximising their potential, please get in touch to learn more on how I can support you and your child with my Student Success Program. Feel free to also sign up for my student organising newsletter - published bimonthly and full of lots of tips and strategies for students (and parents).


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Based in Melbourne but work with students, parents, teachers and schools Australia wide.


  • The student success program focuses on the development of a detailed student success plan to assist students to take responsibility for their school work, activities and time.
  • This approach is tailored individually and the outcomes are based on a student’s own needs and learning requirements.  This detailed student success plan includes recommendations and focuses on the following 10 key areas for the student to follow:
  • 1. goal setting
  • 2. mindset & motivation
  • 3. personal space
  • 4. study space
  • 5. locker & backpack organisation
  • 6. paper & electronic management of school work and materials
  • 7. planning/calendar – routines
  • 8. time management & tracking
  • 9. homework strategies
  • 10. study skills – understanding the learning/study cycle, note taking, revision and preparing for tests and exams
  • Naturally no two students are the same and the student success plan will identify the key focus points for each student - some may need to focus on all of the above areas whilst others may only need to focus on a few.
  • This program is designed for students from Year 7-12 and is suitable for all students including those with special needs and learning difficulties such as ADHD, Asperger’s and Autism.

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