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Outschool is a community marketplace of online classes for kids. We help parents find and register for great classes that are offered outside of regular school. Outschool brings together learners and teachers from around the world. Outschool's focus is on small-group, live online classes, though we support a variety of other formats as well. The breadth and depth of the courses on offer is exceptional. Some examples include: - Mastering the 8 Executive Functions! This class explores the 8 executive functions essential for student success through engaging exercises intended to support students in developing a framework, structure, and routine that serves THEM! - Study Skills. This study skills course will teach students how to study for tests, take notes, and improve their time management and organization. - Coping With Anxiety: For Teens. This course will teach adolescents and understanding of anxiety, their own personal anxiety triggers, and how to manage anxiety with healthy coping skills. - Mastering Emotional Intelligence For Teens. This class is designed to support your teen in improving their emotional intelligence and developing skills that are critical for emotional well-being and life success. - The Forbidden Forest: A Harry Potter Dungeons and Dragons Adventure. Students will try to retrieve three special ingredients needed by the Potions Professor for his upcoming class. - Characters We Love - Stranger Things. Learn basic character analysis through a favorite TV show - This is a sample class to the 6 week Stranger Things Fan Fiction

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