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Do you want to be the best parent possible? Would you like to develop a positive relationship with your children that lasts a lifetime? Would you like to help your children develop empathy, resilience, emotional intelligence and consideration? Our approach is based on Parent Effectiveness Training (PET), a leader in gentle, peaceful parenting skills and principles. Through PET skills, parents and carers can develop a relationship of warmth, trust and respect with their children. PET does not use punishment and reward to change a child’s behaviour. Instead, children are encouraged to develop an inner discipline and locus of control. The approach helps parents and children develop empathy, resilience and a sense of self-worth. PET skills can help parents build a relationship of trust with their young people - a powerful tool of influence as young people enter into, and live through, adolescence and beyond. We offer you our: Website: for blogs, resource material and information Facebook page: for an eclectic mix of parenting information In-person parenting groups (PET). Parent Effectiveness Training was devised in 1962 by Dr Thomas Gordon, and has been taught around the world. The course aims to improve family relationships by teaching respectful communication skills. Run over 8 weeks (1x3 hour session per week), the course is highly practical with theory, workbook exercises and (friendly and realistic) role-plays.

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Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

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