Study Hacks creates quality study material for Years 7-10, that engages the student in effective study methods that are proven to retain information and enhance active recall skills, or, to put it simply – to smash those exams!

Did you know that most students don’t even have study notes?

They just read and re-read class notes or textbooks and then wonder why their exams results don’t reflect all the hours of study they put in. Effective study notes are key to exam success, but they take so long to make that most students just give up before they even start.

At Study Hacks, our study aids (or notes) consist of flashcards that test every dot point in a topic, as well as mindmaps that not only provide clarity of the topic, but are designed with quick last-minute revision in mind. What’s more, they are available instantly to download and make-up, making them extremely affordable.

All Study Hacks study material is based on Australian textbooks and resources that follow the Australian Curriculum. For each deck, a minimum of 6 well-respected and commonly used resources are used to compile the content and cross-reference with each other to ensure accuracy and completeness.

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Additional information

Advantages Study Hacks paper flashcards have the following advantages: • Independent of screens and their distractions/battery power. • Portable - study on the train or bus. • The absolute best way to self-test, which is the most effective study method to retain information. • Speed-study with questions that require multiple answers. • Answers include relevant memory-joggers, short descriptions, examples & diagrams where needed. • All dots point in the topic are covered. • All applicable terms pertaining to the topic are included in reversible format for studying both ways, with detailed yet easy to understand definitions. • Great value. • Don’t have to be made into flashcards; can be used straight off the printer as self-testing study notes (fold/cover, recall and reveal).


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