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True North Expeditions' evidence-informed adventure therapy programs work with teenagers struggling with behavioural and emotional issues throughout Australia. With highly-trained staff, individualised treatment plans, comprehensive follow-up support and a positive peer environment, Truth North's focus on the therapeutic relationship is designed to address self-defeating behaviours and negative coping skills for adolescents aged 13-18. We offer a 14-day expedition based program in the wonderful South Australia bush environment. The two week program is established on an evidence based therapeutic approach with the belief that encouraging each teenager’s strengths and values will lead to new positive coping skills and a higher quality of life. True North Expeditions is not a boot camp or lock down environment. Our philosophy involves experiential learning, building strong relationships, having a non-punitive approach and the belief that each student has a desire for positive growth.

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Adelaide, South Australia 5066


Tuesday to Friday 8:30am to 7pm By appointment only, please book here

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