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Why Be You offers a back-to-basics approach to parenting with workshops and presentations to support young people and parents to introduce a more loving, honest and respectful way of communicating with one another that empowers them to build trust, responsibility and accountability. Why Be You works with young people, parents, schools and youth groups to ensure a more supportive whole community approach to tackling some of the more challenging aspects of growing up. The programs are building life skills such as respectful relationships, dealing with stress and anxiety, bullying, anger management and finding your voice. Groups are facilitated by Lucy Dahill Mph. Lucy brings a wealth of experience from her own parenting experience, working in a local High School as a Wellbeing Support Officer and Youth Worker.

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Hornsby, New South Wales


  • A whole community approach to parenting education and youth support. Programs, workshops and one to one in person or online support offered to embrace the teenage years and lay solid foundations for adult life.


Personalised programs and mentoring available Non-denominational Youth Groups, PCYC Tuesdays during term time 4.00 pm to 5.00 pm Online Parenting Groups - see website for details http://www.whybeyou.com.au/

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