Workspired is a unique startup in the high school careers space. We recently completed a highly successful pilot with all of the Year 10s at Toorak College in Melbourne which has confirmed a lot of our hypotheses (more details below). Majority of traditional careers services focus on psychometric assessments and one-on-one coaching. This has in large part been very successful, but the world is changing. Disruption is rife and frankly we don’t know what the world is going to look like. The best ideas and thinking are generated through collaboration with others. We believe this needs to be brought into the careers space and most of our formats involve small group sessions to enable ideas to be sparked through listening to others. A lot of models involve online quizzes and an interview style discussion. Once again this is effective for a certain personality type. We believe in play based activities. Research and science has established that play sparks creativity and we incorporate a lot of this to help unlock your child’s passion. We have seen how our techniques help engage teenagers more effectively and get to outcomes quicker. Lastly this notion of finding your passion is not new. Everyone from Oprah to the late Steve Jobs are strong advocates. However there hasn’t been a simple formula to help an individual identify their passion…until now. We’ve built the process which involved a lot of research and experience. We now combine this with our play based activities to help teenagers unlock their potential. Specifically we can help your teenager define 3 things: 1) What their career passion is including future looking careers that may either be in its infancy or not even created 2) How they get there i.e. what education pathways (university of TAFE) to pursue 3) What subjects they should pursue i.e. advise on Year 12 subjects to consider Our programs are better suited for Year 9s to 11s. Year 12s are definitely still an option however we feel the focus is probably on excelling in order to open up tertiary options. Year 8s and younger is an option too, we would like to speak to you and your child first to see if we are a right fit. As mentioned earlier, we recently ran a pilot with all Year 10s at Toorak College in Melbourne. We helped ~98 of the girls define their career passion, identify education pathways and VCE subjects. One of the girls said this about the program: “I really enjoyed finding myself…before we had undergone this program I felt a little bit lost. I knew I wanted to do something related to medicine but working with other people and listening to what they wanted to do broadened and help me define my passion” We look forward to hearing from you :)

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Additional Features/Information **Please join us for a FREE parent information session** WHAT? Learn how your teenager can wade through all the uncertainty and make better decisions about their future career WHEN? Thursday 6 December OR Tuesday 11 December 6 to 7pm WHERE? Collective Campus, 1/20 Queen St, Melbourne We have a limited number of seats at these events. Please e-mail with the session you are keen on attending to secure your complimentary place.


Melbourne, Victoria

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