Help Your Anxious Child aged 2-12. A 6-Week Online Course for Parents and Carers


About one in every seven Australians will have problems with anxiety. Half of them will experience their first symptoms by age 11.. Early intervention is one of Dr Amanda's passions. By teaching our next generation the skills to understand and manage anxiety, we help build resilience and set them up for success. In this 6 week online course, Dr Amanda Mullin will provide tips, strategies & practical information to help your child manage anxiety. ** Click the Website link below to take you to the Online course ** OTHER ONLINE COURSES: - Help Your Anxious Teen or Tween - Online Course for Parents and Carers (Coming soon) - Strategies for working with ADHD - Online Course for Parents and Carers (Coming soon) - Mindfulness For Stress - Online Group (Coming soon) - Beat Anxiety - A 6 week course for adults (Coming soon) FAQs: 1.Who is this course designed for? Parents of children aged 2-12 years old, who want to learn skills and strategies to help manage their child's anxious behaviour. 2. I'm already working with a Psychologist, do I need this course? This online course is not designed to replace the one-on-one work your child will do with a Psychologist, but instead, to compliment it. For many parents, the time to ask questions and get involved in the process is often limited. We know that you can't always make it to the session - and we know that you might feel a little overwhelmed by all the information on anxiety. This course covers the information that Dr Amanda Mullin shares with the parents of anxious children over the course of a Cognitive and Behavioural Therapy treatment approach. It also covers all the information we want you to know - in bite sized chunks that you can read and refer to in your own time. 3. Why is the course 6 weeks long? At no stage do we want parents to feel overwhelmed. The information is carefully paced based on Dr Amanda's experience in working with children and families. Each lesson creates a framework and builds on the one prior in terms of extending knowledge and skills 4. Is this online therapy? No. Because Dr Amanda has not met your child she cannot provide tailored therapy. Instead the course is designed to upskill parents and carers - the people who spend most time with a child. If parents feel confident, know what to do, and how to avoid doing simple things that can make anxiety worse, then this course will meet it's goals. 4. What if I'm not sure if my child has anxiety? Is this course for me. Yes. Many parents are not sure if their child has anxiety. In the first module you'll learn all about anxiety - what's normal, and what's not. The course is designed to increase your confidence to help your child navigate anxiety - now and in the future. 5. How long will I have access to the course for? Currently, our courses will be available to refer to for 6 months following completion. ** Click the Website link below to take you to the Online course **

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From 13 May, 2019
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