The solution to strict phone rules for learner drivers: get your hands on a GPS

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Mobile phone use and driving – a big No-No that could cost your teen their licence. The solution to strict phone rules for learner drivers: get your hands on a GPS.


Learning to drive is tough enough on Australian roads without worrying about getting lost.  Did you know: in most Australian states, if you’re a Learner, P1 or P2 driver, you can’t use the maps on your mobile phone, in fact you can’t use your phone in the car at all.  From September, NSW drivers will lose five demerit points (up from four points) if caught using a mobile phone illegally while driving, which means an immediate loss of licence for Learner and P1 drivers, while P2 drivers will have 2 points remaining.


While you will cop big fines or even lose your licence, even for using your phone to get you from A to B, with a dedicated Navman GPS you are good to go.  Plus, a dedicated GPS includes a heap of features that will alert of the speed limit and safety cameras and school zones, as well as a Digital Logbook to record those all-important driving hours.


It is very stressful for experienced drivers if they don’t know where they are going, so for a learner driver or young driver it’s no different, having guidance with safety feature are a must to keep drivers safe and calm.


Priced from just $129, a dedicated GPS is worth every cent offering first-rate guidance and features designed for new drivers.


If you have a restricted licence, or are parents and guardians of young drivers, you’ll need a GPS to get around as mobile phone use is not allowed for Learner, P1 and P2 drivers in NSW.


In NSW, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia, Learner, P1 and P2 drivers are not allowed to use their mobile phones for any reasons while driving, not even for navigation. There may soon be hi-tech cameras that can detect and catch if you are using your mobile phone in the car, and the consequences of breaking the rules are heavy fines and even loss of licence.


“It’s important for all drivers to pay attention to the roads and even more so when you are learning how to drive or practising.  I know it’s tough for people to keep their hands off their mobile phones, but these rules encourage people focus their attention on driving as they develop their skills.  You wouldn’t learn how to play tennis without keeping your attention on the ball, so why would you take your eyes off the road when you are learning to drive?” says Wendy Hammond, General Manager, Navman Australia New Zealand.

“I’m teaching my daughter to drive right now and I want to make sure she feels safe and is paying attention to what’s going on around her while she is learning.   Having a Navman GPS means she can legally get to her destination without distraction, be warned about speed limits and school zones before they emerge and concentrate on what pedestrians and other drivers are up to, and she can stay safe.”


Within the Navman range, there are three products that are perfect for new drivers.  The MOVE75 (RRP$129), MOVE85LM (RRP159) and EZY450LMT (RRP169) all have simple menus and are loaded with great features like the digital logbook that makes it easy to log your driving hours, and much better guidance than you would get from your phone in any event.  You’ll see Junction Views in 3D with arrows that give a perfect picture of which way to go.  There is also Advanced Lane Guidance that advises the best lane to be in for an upcoming turn off as well as Spoken Street Names and Landmark Guidance, which for example, lets you know you need to look out for the McDonald’s in 200 metres and turn then.   If you don’t know the precise address of your destination, you can use Smart Find keyword search, just type in words like ‘swimming pool’ or ‘Bill’s Café’ to find the destination.


Even better, learner drivers can avoid loss of precious demerit points and expensive fines because their Navman will warn about speed limit and red light and safety camera alerts ahead.


The MOVE85LM and EZY450 LMT offer Lifetime Map Updates for the most up-to-date maps as Australia, as well as the latest information about safety camera and speed limits. The EZY450LMT additionally offers Live Traffic Updates sourced from road cameras and national authorities and Smart Route which calculates the most efficient route based on time of day to save money on petrol.

For further information on road rules, refer to the following:










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Sydney, NSW
Such good advice

I didn't know this! Such good advice. I'll be getting a dedicated GPS when the time comes (very soon).

October 2018

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