School holiday activities for teens

If you've struggled keeping your teen occupied or finding something they would enjoy doing in the school holidays, you’re not alone. The list of activities is endless for kids under 12 years (or at least the ideas are widely available and discussed), but it seems that high school teens are less well accommodated.


But that is not the case! In fact, if you know where to look, there are a huge amount of activities available.


So with the help of the Exploring Teens Facebook audience, we've compiled a list of some great activities, both free and paid. But while this list is largely related to Sydney, it still provides a great starting point for scouting out what’s available in your state or area.

The activities have been grouped as follows:

Free/low cost - Outdoors/Adventure

Free/low cost - Indoors

Paid - Camps

Paid - Outdoors/Adventure

Paid – Indoors


Free/low cost - Outdoors/Adventure

Free/low cost - Indoors


Paid - Camps

There are a variety of camps available in Australia that cater specifically for teens. Each has a point of difference in the areas they cater for.  There are camps that specifically help with resilience and confidence while others include a focus on leadership and skills needed for young adults. There are also camps designed to assist with relationships or camps that are just about getting active, having fun and meeting new people.


  • Fathering Adventures

  • Green Supercamp Australia

  • Layne Beachley Tassie Challenge for parents and teens
    Strictly speaking this isn’t a school holiday activity, but it needed a special mention because it raises funds for a fabulous cause and it involves parents and teens peddling, paddling and walking along the length of the stunning East Coast of Tasmania

  • Magic Moments Youth Leadership & Business Summit

  • Veterans 4 Youth


Paid - Outdoors/Adventure



Paid - Indoors





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26 May 2018