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In a discussion in the Exploring Teens closed Facebook group, we asked our readers what they wanted in a camp to which they would send their teens/tweens. These are some of the responses:

  • I would want my daughter to come out with more awareness about herself and others; to make her choices based on this self-knowledge instead of always seeking cues from peers or society.

  • There would need to be age-appropriate groups to ensure they really reach the young person (a single ‘teens group’ is too broad).

  • A camp needs to be really engaging and fun, where the children have a wonderful time creating life-long memories, and where self-development is learnt along the way.

I love that last comment because it reminds me how we have to approach teens if we want to get a message across. Remember the ad from the early 90’s — ‘Don't mention it's healthy and they'll eat it by the boxful.’

If you share these parents’ thoughts, then we’ve found something that perfectly fits this description. Green SuperCamp™ Australia is the world’s #1 leadership and education camp. They have mastered the delivery of a program that is welcomed and loved by teens. The three fundamental pillars of Green SuperCamp™ Australia are personal leadership, academic acceleration and environmental awareness. Each camper is also empowered to understand how they learn best, and how to take responsibility for engaging with their learning.

Interestingly, one of our Exploring Teens’ readers suggested that ‘self-development is possibly a longer process than a camp’, and this is also exactly how Green SuperCamp™ Australia sees it. As such, they offer a supportive community for past and present campers (and their parents and schools!), providing guidance beyond their seven-day or 10-day camps.

As far as the benefits it delivers, the results speak for themselves:

  • 84% increase self-esteem

  • 73% improve grades

  • 81% develop more confidence

  • 68% increase motivation

  • 98% continue to use skills

  • 186% average increase in reading speed

SuperCamp™ is the original life skills and academic camp. Starting in 1982 in the US, it uses proven research from the fields of education, neuroscience, cognitive and behavioural psychology, and adolescent development to create a learning environment of positive and engaged young people who achieve results, time and time again.

The Australian SuperCamp™ programme has been tailored to include an environmental awareness element, along with several other pieces unique to Green SuperCamp™ Australia Forums.

With a student-to-staff ratio of 3:1, every child gets the focused attention they need and will constantly be surrounded by positive, encouraging role models. And there’s no need to
fear your tween/young teen will have to feel ‘out of their depth’ as there are two separate age-based forums.


The Senior forum is for 14 to 18 year olds and runs in April of each year (Thursday 5th April to Saturday 14th April 2018). The Junior forum is for 10 to 14 year olds and runs in October each year (Sunday 30th September 2018 to Saturday 6th October 2018).


THIS IS SPONSORED EDITORIAL, brought to you by Green SuperCamp Australia

Green SuperCamp Australia's director, Heather Yelland, is also the Director of the Elevation Company and won the prestigious ‘Australia’s Most Trusted Business Leader’ award in 2015. Heather believes that all anybody really wants is to love and be loved, and to be known, loved and 'got' for who they truly are. And this is never so true as during the teen years.

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25 Jan 2018

By Exploring Teens